VISA Glass Wall – Presentation Tool and Content Management System

Project Summary

Redesign the touchscreen presentation tool, tablet screen remote control, and associated back-end content management system and workflows for Visa’s high-end clients at their Executive Briefing Center in San Francisco.

Project Stats

Role: UX Designer – research, wireframes, UI design, interaction design, information architecture, user testing, paper prototyping, feature creation and prioritization, stakeholder presentation and interviews

Team: 01 UX Designer, 01 Creative Director, 02 Back-end Developers, 02 Front-end Developers

UX Challenges

  • Create a seamless presentation experience that could be easily managed via touch gestures on a large LED screen or a tablet-based “remote control”
  • Create an intuitive CMS and tablet UI that allowed for just-in-time presentation management
  • Create a CMS data structure and UI that allowed for content editing and versioning from a globally-based team
  • Seamlessly display and navigate to all content types Visa staff are accustomed to working with when presenting to clients: PowerPoint, images, quotes, and videos

Content Management via Tablet and CMS

Scheduling and Presentation Management via “Experience Controller” Tablet

I interviewed client stakeholders and discovered their need to quickly manage the various large LED screens for last-minute client presentations. This needed to be intuitive and more importantly be able to be done on-the-go without needed to log into a workstation.

I designed a mobile-first solution that allowed users to control the location, duration, date, and time a client-specific image or presentation would appear on the Glass Wall screens via a tablet “Experience Controller” UI.

Scheduling and Presentation Management via CMS

I also designed the associated back-end CMS information architecture and UI to upload, edit, and version all of the presentation assets that could be scheduled and viewed via the Experience Controller and Glass Wall.

Asset Versioning via CMS

Because Visa is a global company, the ability for teams in different countries, time-zones and languages was a critical feature for the new CMS.

PowerPoint Presentation Creation and Management via CMS

Since one of the main ways that Visa staff were comfortable creating and presenting content to clients was PowerPoint, it was essential that the CMS and Glasswall experience builder be able to easily ingest, edit, and view this type of media.

CMS User Testing

I designed a user testing validation plan to help us uncover user pain points and needs for using the newly created CMS and associated workflows.VISA CMS 2.0 User Validation PlanDownload

The validation plan included:

  • Hardware
    • Type and number of devices needed for testing
    • Type and number of devices needed for survey
  • Software
    • For running the test instance of the CMS
    • For recording users faces, screens, keyboard commands, mouse clicks, and audio during testing
  • A list of pre-supplied and approved test assets for users to use when completing the testing activities
  • A list of pre-approved activities for users to accomplish during the testing session
  • A link to the survey I designed to collect user feedback
  • A list of all internal staff needed to successfully run the user testing sessions
User validation survey

Glass Wall Presentation Screen

Pin Board

The first thing a client would see on the Glass Wall when sitting down for a presentation from Visa staff would be the Pin Board, a tiled grid of icons the represented specific content (presentations, images, videos) that had been assembled in the CMS specifically for this client.

Presentation and Content Navigation

Once a Pin had been selected, Visa staff could then navigation through content via the tablet Experience Controller or directly by using touch gestures on the Glass Wall screen. Content within a selected Pin is navigated to quickly and easily by an single tap invoked side menu. This side menu relies on iconography for at-a-glance viewing to display content types.

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