BEN 10 Alien Experience – Augmented Reality Mobile Game

Project Summary

Create a mobile augmented reality game for the Ben10 Cartoon Network television program. Game is two experiences: A Snapchat style face swap and an AR shooting game.

App on Google Play store:

Official Youtube video for app:

Project Stats

Role: UX Designer – research, low/medium fidelity wireframes, UI design feedback, interaction design, user testing

Team: 02 Designers, 01 UX Designer, 01 Producer, 02 Developers, 02 3D Artists

User flow iterations: 20

User Testing sessions: 04

Duration: 02 months

UX Challenges

  • Creating a cohesive application experience that maintains brand consistency when it is really two separate experiences being packaged as one app
  • Designing intuitive UI and interactions for children ages 10-14
  • Notifying AR players about where enemies are in 360-degree space
  • Solving for the wide array of mobile hardware the app would be available for

User Testing

Through in-person user testing with colleagues’ children and others, I was able to determine the following issues:

  • Our initial facial tracking software could not track people in glasses, or people with darker skin tones
    • We got a new facial tracking software that worked with all skin tones
  • The first solution to show enemy location-a radar in the top right of the screen-was too passive against the real-world viewed through the front-facing camera
    • I proposed the addition of on-screen directional arrows pointing toward the nearest enemy, this solved the problem and provided more information to the player
  • Certain mobile devices did not have rear-facing cameras or gyroscopes
    • I proposed creating a low-poly 3D environment for these cases so that users would still be able to enjoy the gameplay and not suffer because of a hardware deficiency that was beyond their control
    • I proposed allowing the user to drag the finger around the screen to rotate in 360-degrees to allow them to enjoy the full game experience

Visual Design

Game UI pre-user testing:


Game UI post-user testing:


Gameplay Videos

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