Design Projects

I have worked as a Product Designer for over a decade, delivering strategic and user-focused solutions for: businesses, healthcare platforms, and augmented and virtual reality experiences.

Enabling Continuous Learning Between Customer Success + Product

Problem Brief Since being hired by Vineti in 2019, and through participation in the software release cycles over the past 2 years, I have seen a lack of communication between the Customer Success and Product teams during software development milestones; leading to decreased understanding and assumptive thinking. This causes increased churn regarding understanding and gathering… Read more Enabling Continuous Learning Between Customer Success + Product

VISA London – Mobile AR Analytics

Create an augmented reality tablet-based presentation tool for the Visa London analytics team. Application will be used both during guided presentations to a group and stand-alone by individual users.

Older Design Projects


Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

mobile device

Mobile devices and Tablets


Content Management Systems, Keynote Addresses, Laptop Applications, Transparent LCDs


360 Degree Recording, Microsoft Kinect, and Guest Tracking