AARP AR Driving Game


Project Summary

A tablet based augmented reality driving game for AARP. Application would travel to various trade shows around the US.

Project Stats

Role: UX Designer -low/medium fidelity wireframes, UI design, interaction design, user testing

Team: 02 Designers, 01 UX Designer. 02 Developers, 01 Producer, 01 Tech Director

Wireframe Iterations: 11

User testing sessions: 03

Duration: 01 month

UX Challanges

  • Creating an intuitive steering control scheme for new and experienced AR users
  • Creating an engaging tutorial that taught users everything they needed to know to play the game without being over-long
  • Meeting clients’ expectations of an AR experience

Initial Wireframes

Focus on overall application structure and broad overview of features


User Testing feedback


  • 67% of people had enough time to read the Steering tutorial (1 is not enough time, 5 is too much time)
  • 67% of people had enough time to read the Collectibles tutorial (1 is not enough time, 5 is too much time)
  • Tutorial thoughts:
    • People liked the simplicity of the iconography of the tutorials, but wished your attention was called it to more obviously
    • People thought that the tutorial needs to be more distinctly different than the gameplay in design, i.e have to appear more drastically different
      • Pause the game to call out important elements and not distract people from the instructions
      • Highlight the steering wheel and the center console so people know where to look explicitly
      • Generally thought the tutorial can be more ‘hand-holding’
  • 83% of people thought the Tutorial taught you everything you needed to play (1 is completely confused, 5 is had all the knowledge)
  • 75% of people thought the forward driving speed was perfect (1 is too slow, 5 is too fast)
  • Steering speed and control
    • 5 people thought the steering control was great
    • 4 people thought the steering control was ‘a tad’ too sensitive
    • 1 person thought that the collectibles spawned too soon after the AARP fact text, making them hard to pick up – perhaps a delay?
  • 70% of people were unable to read the fuel/points the whole time while driving
  • 83% of people could read the AARP Fun Fact while in hyper-speed
  • Gameplay length
    • 11 people thought the game is the perfect length!
    • 1 person thought the game length was too long because of the added tutorial time
  • Other thoughts
    • Everyone thought the collectibles were spaced too close to you after the AARP Fun Fact modals
    • Several people did not notice the fuel gauge or points at all even after playing the game both yesterday and today
    • Several compliments, people thought it was super fun and engaging!

Wireframes Version 11

Our internal user testing showed us that the experience had to be more focused on teaching the user how to play the game. To that end, the tutorial was broken out into two distinct sections, one for steering, and one for scoring. Accumulation of points and timing for tutorial events was also adjusted to be clearer. The ending presentation of the score was also finessed, along with copy throughout the application.

Visual Design



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